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Jun 26 / Jon Bruno

Winning ways continue

Boston Bicycle School continues its campaign to dominate the Northeast.

After knocking on the door a few times this spring, Harrison Harb took his first win of the season at the White Mountain Cycling Classic.

Harrison and Eric Tremble got into the break with 50k to go in the hilly road race.  Harrison jumping away with one rider in tow and then dropped him in the last few k’s to take the win.  He was also aided by teammates Matt (pictured below) and Josh, keeping things under control the whole race. 

Who will win next on the team?

Robbie is racing Exeter tonight.

We would also like to honor and remember the innovator of the White Mountain Cycling Classic and former president and board member of New England Disabled Sports, Dr. Robert Harney. Dr. Harney recently passed after a courageous battle with cancer and Boston Bicycle School would like to thank him for all of his hard work an dedication over his lifetime to disabled sports in New England. Check out this article on to read more about Dr. Harney and the many ways he contributed to the sports community in Boston and beyond.